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2 years ago

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First, I have 23 years in a 45 year old woman with four children, one still at home I read these stories and I 'd like to share some of my own married I unfiathful only my husband a couple of times and only then, when the stress and had been a fight n I believe asspoint that love to get drunk and have sex with strangers sordid i will not look for them, which seems to always know where I also the first time, I sex was sex with a stranger in a pub car park to protect night a friend of chicken, which was only the guy was 24, 54 I talked all night and I thought, what the hell asspoint do not let me hurt a good Quicky I always stayed in my head for years, I have more and more to the fact that I was the bitch let me out in recent years until last year I was a faithful husband, we had a very large number, and I went to a friend at night in the asspoint sheep to stay about 40 miles from the house my husband had the sulks when lo wasok, after our son at asspoint home n Well, I'm very, very drunk and very, very hot two guys showed interest in me and Ali, so took her back to her, which led them to myself when I was very drunk, said he I remember the kids in bed with a blow to me when I fainted when I woke in the morning, it was my back and hit I'm sure it asspoint was a couple of guy that it was a bit like when the shot his load on the screen of my i very unprotected Fanny got up and left him with head shots and feel a little crooked, I went asspoint to give me a coffee and aspirin was in the Kitching Ali smiled and I said that children right next to that I even said, not a name and then told me that the exchange through the night I do not remember all that I knew I had a wonderful run my head hurts 10 minutes later my husband arive with flowers Gosh, that was too short and I felt like a dirty dog, but again asspoint it was, by all turnded n after a few months ago I found is seatedand could not stop thinking about sex and my husband and I this year has been a very bad, he can not keep his cock hard in bed, he lost his job and moved to the warehouse Well, I have always been with the reading of stories and i fucked with a dildo gets fucked to buy on Saturday, hot men of this page Thanks guys my first spit my first unprotected anal slut dirty all have very well fed, sexy for a few months I will
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